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Vehicle scales

Our offer includes <overgroubd, recessed and mobile vehicle scales. We manufacture scales of steel and steel-concrete construction. The steel-concrete construction is the most popular choice for customers not only because of its very good value for money, but above all because it ensures long-term and trouble-free use.

Livestock scales

Each inventory weight we offer is made of high quality materials resistant to the harmful effects of weather and mechanical damage.

Our livestock scales are used for weighing pigs and cattle on farms. Each livestock scale made by us can have any dimensions and varying load capacity levels, which we always adapt to the requirements and needs of our customers.

Scales for mixers and silos

We offer electronic scales, adapted for mixers, silos and various types of tanks, equipped with electronic indicating systems, which have been manufactured using the latest production techniques and with attention to measurement precision.

Industrial scales

The industrial scales offered by our company are widely used in industry and are an indispensable element wherever logistics are involved. Platform scales are perfect for halls and warehouses. The simple design of the industrial scale makes measurements particularly easy and precise.

Scale calibration and legalisation

One of the specialities of our company is the legalisation, calibration and standardisation of scales. We carry out legalisation, calibration and standardisation of scales throughout Poland.

We have our own transport with HDS crane and more than 40 tonnes of mass standards. We approach each order professionally, carrying it out in accordance with the applicable standards, norms and guidelines of the Central Office of Weights and Measures.

After the analysis, we issue a certificate of conformity, which contains all the information concerning the legalisation or calibration of the scale.

CNC machining

We manufacture foundry tooling, as well as all production parts and tools according to customer requirements.
The CNC milling process takes place on modern 3-, 4- and 5-axlemilling machines, which gives us the ability to manufacture parts with:

  • lengths of up to 2480 mm,
  • widths of up to 1780 mm,
  • heights of up to 800 mm.

Feed mixing plants

Each mixing plant consists of the following sections:

  • Section for loading raw materials onto component tanks,
  • Raw material preparation and grinding section,
  • Feed mixing section,
  • Warehousing and shipping section for finished raw material,

The capacity of the feed mixing plant reaches even 25 tonnes per hour!
We are able to adapt each project to the individual needs of the client.