Obróbka CNC metali i tworzyw sztucznych - Czekała S.C. Leszno
2D/3D designing
CNC Machining
Machine park


In the process of preparing the workpiece for milling we use one of the most modern systems available on the market:

  • CREO 2.0 (Pro/ENGINEER),
  • ZW3D,

With the help of this software we construct virtual 3D models of details and then we create processing programs for these details.

Experienced engineers working with us will easily create a 3D block based on the provided 2D documentation, and when required - they will give it the appropriate ribbing, casting inclination, overflow and other necessary details that make up the final product of the highest quality.


We manufacture foundry tooling, as well as all details and production tools according to customer requirements.

Our current technologies allow us to process elements in 5 axes.

The CNC milling process takes place on modern 3,4 and 5-axis milling machines, which gives us the possibility of manufacturing details with:

  •  a length of up to 2480 mm,
  •  a width of up to 1780 mm,
  •  a height of up to 800 mm.

Larger details are made by dividing into smaller elements and then gluing (resins, plastics, mdf) or screwing in case of metal details.


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