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Scales for mixers and silos

Scales for mixers and silos

We offer ready-made weighing sets adapted for weighing silos, mixers and various types of tanks.

These scales are used to measure the weight of products such as cereals, grains, feedstuffs and liquids (e.g. oils, milk).

Under-silo scales allow precise control of the amount of remaining feed. This is helpful for monitoring production, planning deliveries, as well as assessing feed consumption efficiency. 

The number of strain gauge feet depends on the number of feet of the tank you have, e.g. 4, 6 or 8.

Explanatory drawing - tank foot attached to load detector

Which silo scale should I choose?

Below is a table that will allow you to select the right scale option for your silo or tank:

Maximum load

(silo volume + silo empty weight)

Feet qtySilo scale option
Up to 8 tonnes 44 x 2000 kg 
8 – 20 tonnes 44 x 5000 kg 
20 – 40 tonnes 44 x 10000 kg 
Up to 10 tonnes 66 x 2000 kg 
10 – 30 tonnes 66 x 5000 kg 
30 – 50 tonnes 66 x 10000 kg 
Up to 40 tonnes 88 x 5000 kg 
40 – 80 tonnes 88 x 10000 kg

The price of the silo and mixer scale includes

  • Scale electronics,
  • Feet including detectors and cables,
  • Summariser - junction box,
  • Instructions for initial assembly and subsequent operation.

In addition, it is possible to set up an audible signal when the programmed weight is reached.

The set is connected, configured and ready for use. Before dispatch, each silo scale is calibrated by us with weight standards. 

We provide a full 24-month warranty on the entire unit.

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