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A few words about the company

Our company has been operating as a family business since 1993, producing various types of scales. The founder was Bernard Czekała, who worked for many years as a constructor of scales. The beginnings of our activity are connected with the production of agricultural scales, which were used for dosing fodder to mixers.

In 1998, we succeeded in obtaining a Patent Certificate, with which the unique design of our mixing scale is now protected.

However, from the very beginning of our business, we have made every effort to incorporate numerous conveniences and innovative solutions into our products. This is why today our range includes not only agricultural equipment and scales, but also truck scales and industrial scales. .

We strive to respond to the needs of our customers, so each of our products is always tailored to their individual needs.

A little more about the company

Since 2007, we have extended our offer to include professional CNC machining of metals and plastics. After some time, we increased the technological capabilities of our facilities, which allowed us to introduce CNC machining services on 3, 4 and 5-axis machines.

We have CAD/CAM software for creating construction as well as technological documentation - we work with systems such as DELCAM (PowerMILL), CREO (Pro/ENGINEER), ZW3D. With the help of this software, we perform 3D design of parts for milling or turning and create machining programmes for these parts on CNC milling machines or lathes..

More recently, our company has also expanded into the design of high-capacity feed mixing plants. The mixing plants are fully automated and their capacity reaches up to 25 tonnes/hour. We have successfully completed a number of projects, which you can see in our gallery under "Projects".

Discover the history of our company

Establishment of the company by Bernard Czekała - start of production of the first scales for mixers
Obtaining a Patent Certificate for the unique design of our sub-mixer scale
Extension of the offer by professional CNC machining
Purchase of a portal machine capable of 4-axis processing
Start of production of industrial feed mixers
Construction of new office building at 55 Sosnowa Street
Purchase of a 5-axis milling centre from Wemas
Purchase of a Wemas CNC machine tool with travels (X,Y,Z) 2500x1800x800
Establishment of Czekała sp. z o.o.
Implementation of an ERP System for business management