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Overrun scales
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Submerged scales
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Mobile scales

Vehicle scales manufactured by Czekała are scales which for years have been enjoying their popularity among customers not only in Poland but also in Europe. For over 25 years we have been supplying our customers with scales of the highest quality, durability and precision of measurements.

In our offer you will find overrun, submerged and mobile vehicle scales. We produce scales of steel and steel-concrete construction. Steel-concrete structure is the most popular choice of our customers not only because of its very good quality/price ratio, but most of all it ensures long-term and trouble-free use.

Each of the scales is produced in our production plant from the very beginning until the final effect, which is customer satisfaction and reliability of operation from the first weighing.

Why choose a scale manufactured by Czekała?
  • each scale is designed from scratch, so that we can meet even the most demanding and unusual orders,
  • each construction of the scale is made in our production plant of the highest quality materials,
  • we have our own transport together with the HDS crane – there is no need to order an additional crane in order to unload and assemble the scale,
  • each scale produced by us is subject to EC verification, which we make for you with our own weight standards with the certificate of the Office of Measures,
  • each assembly of the scales manufactured by us is carried out only by our employees,
  • all scales are maintained exclusively by our service department,
  • we offer professional advice on the selection of the appropriate weight and terrain for its setting.


The overrun version is characterized by easy assembly and allows easy access to all components of the scale, such as strain gauges. An indispensable element of the scale are ramps, which are adjusted to individual needs and cast on site during scale assembly. We also offer prefabricated ramps.

The height of the overrun scale usually ranges from several to several dozen centimeters above the level of the terrain on which it has been set up.

The measurement is carried out during the passage on a specific area on which the vehicle scale is mounted. Therefore, only those vehicles which are to be weighed enter the scale. This translates into a significant increase in the life of the scale, because vehicles which are not subject to the weighing process do not move on it.

Length x width [m]Type of constructionScale capacity up to [ton]Graduation [kg]Number of platforms [pcs.]Number of sensors [pcs.]
6 x 2,5Steel15516
8 x 2,5Steel301016
12 x 3Steel- concrete602026
14 x 3Steel- concrete602026
16 x 3Steel- concrete602038
18 x 3Steel- concrete602038
As a manufacturer, we are able to make a scale with dimensions tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us!
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The submerged version saves space above all. Submerged scales do not require ramps, which means that their installation does not require as much space as in the case of an overrun scale. 

Removable manholes located on the platforms and a specially made underside of the scale provide comfortable access to the scale components, as well as allow for easy cleaning of the scale without the need to lift the structure with a crane, which would entail additional costs.

The advantage of submerged scales is also the fact that the movement of vehicles can take place directly through the scales. After the measurement, the vehicle is not forced to leave the scale in a straight line – you can immediately manoeuvre the vehicle on its surface.

Length x width [m]Type of constructionCapacity up to [ton]Graduation [kg]Number of platforms [pcs.]Number of sensors [pcs.]
12 x 3Steel – concrete       602026
14 x 3Steel – concrete602026
16 x 3Steel – concrete602038
18 x 3Steel – concrete602038
As a manufacturer, we are able to make a scale with dimensions tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us!


The mobile version is ideal for high mobility needs. The mobile scale is usually installed without the need for construction work.

Installation only requires the preparation of a hardened, stabilising substrate consisting mostly of dry concrete or aggregates.

Length x width [m]Type of constructionCapacity up to [ton]Graduation[kg]Number of platforms [pcs.]Number of sensors [pcs.]
18 x 3Prefabricated concrete602038
As a manufacturer, we are able to make a scale with dimensions tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us!
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  • Warranty on all components of the device/service,
  • legalization,
  • an external display that can be placed on the outside of the building,
  • transport and assembly of the scale at the customer’s site,
  • electronics together with a printer, which makes it possible to print out the measurements,
  • training of personnel in the use of the balance.


Vehicle scales manufactured by us can be integrated into various control systems equipped with:

  • card readers,
  • monitoring systems,
  • barriers,
  • light signals.


Optionally, for each vehicle scale we offer computer software to operate the scale, which allows for example:

  • Keeping a weighing history, which contains extended data for each weighing (date, vehicle registration number, driver’s data, etc.),
  • Real-time operation of the weighing terminal,
  • Creating statistical reports from any period of time for data selected by the user,
  • Weight Receipts edition – extended printing possibilities (company logo, editable header),
  • Operation of the program by several users – each has a separate login and password,

The program can be adapted to individual customer needs.


The steel-concrete vehicle scale consists of foundation benches, which form the basis of the entire structure. The benches are made on our own or on request by our employees according to a project prepared by us. Casting the benches ensures long-term reliability in all weather conditions.

We offer weight meters from Rhewa or Rinstrum. In both cases the transducers ensure long-term operation of the scale thanks to the stability of parameters in time and resistance to environmental factors. The measuring and control system offers a wide range of possibilities for further processing and analysis of weighing results.

Mechanical part of the scale consists of weighing bridges, the number of which depends on the chosen size of the scale and strain gauge sensors characterized by high overload resistance, high sensitivity and long-term stability of metrological parameters. The sensors are hermetically sealed (protection class IP 68).

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