We offer electronic scales, adapted for mixers and silos, equipped with electronic indicating systems, which have been made using the latest production techniques and with attention to precision of measurement. The electronic scales presented by us are equipped with dosing devices and 3-4 sensors, which will work perfectly with a computer. Such a solution allows for remote control of up to 6 feeders.

Electronic scales for mixers and silos speed up the production process thanks to simple and unassisted operation. Our products are characterized by very high measurement accuracy and reliability.


  • Weighing range up to 90 tons,
  • Reading grade – 5,10,20,40 kg,
  • Weight base is made for the mixer legs spacing,
  • The number of sensors depends on the number of feet in the silo,
  • Power supply of 230V.
If the parameters are not sufficient, please contact us. We will surely find a solution tailored to your individual needs.
Explanatory drawing - tank foot mounted under the sensor.

Price of the scales for the silo and mixer includes

  • Electronics,
  • Foot with sensors and cables,
  • Summator,
  • Instructions for first assembly and further operation.

In addition, it is possible to set a sound signal when the programmed mass is reached.

The set is connected and configured. Calibration has been performed by the manufacturer, who grants warranty for the entire device.

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