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spawanie wagi
Vehicle and livestock scales
Reliable electronic scales tailored to the individual needs of our customers
Legalization and calibration of scales
We provide validation, legalization and calibration services. We operate a weight standard rental service.
CNC machining
Professional CNC machining of metals and plastics. We use 4 and 5 axial machines.
waga samochodowa 18m 60ton
Electronic scales
wzorce masy
Legalization and calibration
Obróbka CNC
CNC machining
Mieszalnie Pasz
Feed mixing plants

Why us?

Because thanks to many years of practice we have managed to combine high quality products and services with reasonable prices. We were able to do this, among other things, thanks to a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and listening to their suggestions, both in terms of assortment and production details.

As a result, we offer our partners solutions tailored to their needs, based on our experience, enthusiasm for work and modern construction and technological facilities.

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